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Tim Hines, PE


Structural Engineering - This is the analysis of the structure of your building.  I look at all anticipated loadings and combinations of loadings on the structure including wind, snow, live, dead and seismic.  Strength of materials is important, but the deflection of the structure usually is the controlling factor for a well engineered structure. The building code is only the minimum requirements for structures and if a structure is just built to those minimum standards, you may be disappointed.

Mechanical Engineering - This includes plumbing and HVAC engineering.  Firstly, the plumbing system include two sub-systems. The fresh water distribution system provides potable water to your plumbing fixtures and appliances that use water.  The waste water collection system collects and carries away the waste for the plumbing fixtures and appliances. It is important to design both these systems well.  A poorly designed fresh water system will not provide adequate water to properly service the fixtures.  Another issue with many water systems is the hot water distribution requires a long wait at the fixtures to get the hot water. The waste collection system needs to be properly designed so as to assure the waste flows properly through the pipes to the waste disposal system or to the sewer system.  Proper design of the system to provide access for repairs is important as well.  The waste systems of today are moving toward reuse of the waste water from the tubs and showers for irrigation systems and even use for water needs of the toilets.  

The HVAC system conditions the building to maintain indoor air quality, temperature and humidity.  These systems vary widely from area to area and can make the difference in a comfortable home and a miserable home.  There are also issues with the finishes and trim in a home that is affected by a poorly engineered HVAC system.

Electrical Engineering - The electrical system in a building distributes the electrical power from the utility companies service lines throughout the building for power usage and lighting. The engineering of this system is extremely important to assure safety of the system and convenience for the occupants.   

Foundation Certification -  I perform foundation inspections and certifications for manufactured homes which are financed with FHA financing.  This certification is required by all lending institutions who are providing FHA financing on manufactured homes.